Showbox Not Working 2018 | How to Fix Connection Error in App

Showbox not Working is the major problem that most of the users are facing today while using the application. Recently, lots of updates were launched for this application and the updates started showing problems. But, there are fixes available that are mentioned below.

For all entertainment geeks, Showbox is the most crucial and must have application as it allows them to stream videos, favorite movies, TV shows in HD quality on their Android devices for free. It is the most downloaded and top rated application Play Store. Now PC users can also use this application on their PC with the help of Android Emulator. Lots of updates for this application keep on popping up and users are required to upgrade their application to avail the extra features that come with the updates.

Showbox Not Working: Fix Showbox Connection Error in Few Steps


However, the only drawback associated with the application is that users may experience some kind of errors while using the application. Showbox not Working is the common error which most of the users encounter while using the application. The error will hamper your streaming experience and you will not be able to stream the videos due to this error. However, there are fixes available that are mentioned below in this post.

Showbox not Working: Fixing Showbox App Connection Error

The problem like “Showbox not Working” came into limelight when the recent update of Showbox App was launched. The older version of the application was stable and the older version has many features which enhance your overall streaming experience. The older version of Showbox can be used almost on all the platforms like PC, tablets, Android etc. But, recently after the update, any new problem occurred and it has ruined the streaming experience of the users. Some of the problems and the fixes are as below:

Problem – Server Not Available or Update not Working!

All applications available over the internet are either free or premium one and they must be updated regularly. Updating the applications will enrich their features and add new files to the application for enhanced experience. Since Showbox is not available for download on Play Store, you are required to check regularly for the available updates online and ensure that they are genuine and workable. If you download the wrong updates from the internet the problem may occur which will ruin your streaming experience.

The problem like “Update not Working” or “Server not Available” are the types of errors which you may experience if you download the application with wrong and pirated updates. So, it is very essential for you to check that the updates are genuine in order to avoid such issues with Showbox App.


Problem Two – Showbox Not Working or Showbox has Stopped

This is the most common error where you see “Showbox not Working” or “Showbox has Stopped” error on the screen of the device. But, this issue can be solved easily without any hassles. You are required to follow few simple steps to resolve this error on your Showbox App.

If the Showbox app is crashing frequently, then the chances are that your phone has the low memory for it to function effectively. To fix this, try removing and installing the apps which you are not using or the games you generally don’t play. The memory space in your phone will give you a better experience in watching a movie.

Follow the steps below to solve the error:

  • Close your Wi-Fi on your mobile device
  • Now go to the settings of your device
  • From the settings to the App Manager
  • Choose the Showbox option available there and press the clear data and clear cache button available there
  • Now try to connect the device once again with the Wi-Fi and launch the Showbox App again on your device
  • Now it will work properly without any dialog box like Showbox not Working.


There are some of the steps which you need to follow to solve the error Showbox not Working.

Showbox For iOS: You Can also check out Showbox app for iPhone, Keep in mind that you cannot get the official version of this Mobile Application from any App Store or Play store, therefore, some of the alternatives are there which help you in getting what you want.

  • In Your iOS Device You should have to Open a web browser and download the Moviebox app, this is meant exclusively for the iOS users who cannot get the official version of Showbox app
  • You need to install the app, After the installation is completed, open the app through the icon that is displayed on your Mobile screen.
  • This makes your app works extremely well and also enables you to watch the movies and TV shows that are on your favorite list.

Hope You have solved the Issue Showbox not Working. If you still face the same problem please comment it below.

Cartoon HD Apk Download | Cartoon HD App For Android Latest 2018

Have you ever thought of watching high-quality streaming videos on your Android Device? Here is the best app just for you that give you the access to watch unlimited TV shows and latest movies. Cartoon HD Apk is one of the most popular video streaming applications available today. The video libraries contain TV shows, and Movies are available to watch at full length. And these videos are free to Watch without any charges included. Speaking of the features of the video streaming app Cartoon HD is the best you have. It is unfortunately not available to download officially on Google Play Store. But there is an alternative way to download Cartoon HD APK on your selected Android device.

Download Cartoon HD Apk v3.0.3 | Cartoon HD App For Android


Cartoon HD is a brilliant app developed for streaming HD Cartoon or animation movies. It gives you the access to your most favorite TV Shows and movies, and that means to watch them at any moment with this App. Watch the full-length of TV Shows and movies for free without including any charges. Say goodbye to the irritating ads that appear on your app screen when you stream live with an active internet connection. And learn the way to download and install the Apk file and the features of the Cartoon HD App. Continue to read until the end to know every detail.

The process to Download Cartoon HD APK on Android:

When it comes to APK file downloads, Cartoon HD is the best choice you can make. But unluckily there is no official announcement made for the application as it is not made available on Google Play Store. You will have to get the APK version of the Cartoon HD App for your Android phone. Cartoon HD Apk file is easy to store and is very small in its file size.

Check out these steps given to download the file on your phone.

  • First Step: The very first thing you need to do is download the APK file of Cartoon HD.
  • Second Step: For that, you have to visit this link provided here.
  • Click Here to Download.
  • Third Step: When you finish the file download on your Device, make changes to the phone settings.

And to change the behavior of the device, you have to follow the next section that is Installation process. And it is simple and easy to perform.

The process to Install Cartoon HD APK on Android:

Always remember that to install an APK file on android device you will have to make slight changes to the phone security settings. To make it easy for you, we have figure out the steps for you using which you can install the downloaded Cartoon HD APK on your selected device.

Follow these instructions that are given below in step-wise.

  • First Step: First go to the settings, and then select the “Security Settings.” Scroll down until you find the Device Administration Settings
  • Second Step: Tap on the box, to allow the Install of unknown-sources that is third-party applications.
  • Third Step: Visit the downloaded Cartoon HD APK file location on your phone. To install the file, tap to open it and then choose the option to continue.

In a while, the Installation of the file will begin immediately and be patient for it to complete. And when it is done, you will receive a notification on your phone screen.

Features of Cartoon HD:


Cartoon HD Application is rich and filled with lots of features. It allows you watch movies and TV-Series on your Android device at any moment you want.

  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and with smooth functions.
  • There are no hidden charges included in it and without any charges for the subscription fees. In fact, you don’t have t subscribe at all.
  • Stream unlimited videos of your favorite TV Shows or Movies with fast internet connectivity.
  • Watch clear screen view completely free from the irrupting ad that pops up with active internet on your phone.
  • Cartoon HD application has a very powerful search tool which is similar to Cinema Box.
  • Choose to download any latest movies or latest episode videos of your favorite TV-Shows, and watch them later offline.
  • Supports high-quality video streaming and file download options and watch them in full-length.
  • The video library is well arranged and divided into several categories and sub-categories.

So, these are the complete list of the features offered by Cartoon HD app to its users.


Cartoon HD App offers you high-video quality streaming and a wide range of video collections of movies and shows. Now you have learned all the complete details of Cartoon HD APK. Right now you better download and install the APK file by following the process mentioned above. And it reminds you again that Cartoon HD is not officially available to download from Play Store due to some reason. Get the streaming application today and have fun watching your favorite videos on your phone screen.

Terrarium TV App Download For Android iOS & PC 2018 – V1.9.2

It is no wonder that there are lots of TV Shows streaming application available on the internet today. Terrarium TV App is the best replacement for TV to regular the regular series of TV or movies. Supports both online video streaming and you can also watch in offline mode. This app is very simple and easy to watch the video contents of your favorite movies. Never miss out single episodes or any new released Shows and Movies on the internet. Terrarium TV is supported by several Android devices and is free to use. The file size of the application is less than 40 MB and comes with the ton of features added to it. Terrarium TV App is packed up with tons of features and primarily developed for the Android phone users. Know more about the Terrarium application by reading until the end.

Terrarium TV App Download For Android iOS & PC: V1.9.2


Terrarium TV App is an excellent online video watching app that permits you to Watch any Movies and TV Shows. It gives you the access to unlimited stream videos and into full HD and other video qualities.  That also means there is no limitation set to watch videos on Terrarium. Download any of your favorite videos using this app on your selected device. And you can watch them offline at any moment you want.

Speaking of an interface of Terrarium, it is well-designed and beautiful in its look. All the stream video categories are maintained very well. And the video library of the TV Show and Movies is always updated with the latest videos. Browse your favorite video and watch them either online or offline and that entirely up to your choice.

Start watching your most favorite shows at high internet speed. Choose video qualities from 360p, 480p, 720p to 1080p. Subtitles are included in each video you choose to stream online in Terrarium TV. Learn the steps to download and install APK file on your device. Since this application is not available to download on play store due to some reason, it is not added to the Store.

Download and Install Terrarium TV:

To install Terrarium TV app on your Android device, you will have to download APK file. Here we will explain to you the steps to download and install Terrarium TV APK file. Follow the instructions as given below in step-wise.

Note: Before we get started, it is compulsory to change the security settings on your Android phone. Since your device will prevent the installation of third-party apps. So, you will need to make the changes in the behavior of your device.

  • First Step: At first, to download the APK file of Terrarium TV.
  • Second Step: After you finish the download the file on your selected Android device.
  • Third Step: Just before you continue to install the Apk, go to the <settings> <device administration settings>allow installation of unknown sources.
  • Fourth Step: Now go back to the download folder. And tap on the Terrarium TV APK file chose the install button.

Wait for a moment as the Installation process may take some minutes to complete. And then shortly you will be soon notified accordingly on your phone screen.

Important Features of Terrarium TV:

Speaking of the features of the Terrarium TV App it is packed with tons. Here we have listed out the important features of the video streaming app.

  • The video library of Terrarium TV is uploaded with over 504k movies
  • It is free, and there is no such thing as a limitation to use it.
  • You will receive a notification when there are any update episodes added to TV Shows and Movies.
  • It does come with the genre category selection and then native Chromecast support as well.
  • Support multiple numbers of languages and movies or TV Shows subtitles are also added.
  • Terrarium TV also comes with a support for Android TV, Fire TV, TV Box and Fire Stick too.
  • Provides you the access to the fast servers such as Full HD, especially Google Drive.
  • Watch unlimited TV Shows and movies either in online or offline mode.
  • Terrarium also comes with the support of Real-Debrid and
  • Mark the most watched or your favorite videos be it the movie or TV Series.

So, these are the tons of features that the streaming app has to offer to its users.


Since now you know everything about the app from the features to the installation procedure. So, what are you waiting for you better Download Terrarium TV App today? To start enjoying the complete features of the TV Shows and movie streaming app on your device. Watch each video for high quality, and it is free from any subscriptions, no charges are included for using the services.  Terrarium App is not officially announced and is available to download from Google Play Store.