Showbox For iPhone iPad Mac & iOS [9/9.1/10] Free Download Guide

Showbox For iPhone / iOS & iPad Download: Showbox never ceases to charm you with the ability that it has. Watch what you like with the help of the features, which get it equipped with everything that you want. Your favorite shows and movies are just a click away and even when you have not registered yourself with the website.

Showbox For iPhone /iOS & iPad Download Guide | Showbox App


Get it on your iOS: Your iOS device may get a bit restricted when it comes to the official availability of Showbox for iPhone /iPad. But as the demand for this cool app is rising, you can surely watch out for the ways through which you can be downloaded it on your device.

In this guide, we shall tell you the ways through which downloading this app is possible. Keep in mind that you cannot get the official version of the Showbox app, therefore, some of the alternatives are there which help you in getting what you want.

But as a surprise, we have surmised some easy ways through which you can get the app downloaded on your device so that watching what you love is never a trouble. Check out the following ways through which you can get Showbox For iPhone app downloaded:

  • Open the web browser on your iOS device and download the Moviebox app, this is meant exclusively for the iOS users who cannot get the official version of the app
  • From the website, you need to install the app
  • After the installation is completed, open the app through the icon that is being displayed on the screen.

This makes your app works wonderfully and also enables you to watch the movies and the shows that are on your favorite list.

Cinemabox app

This app is also seen as an alternative to the Showbox, which is meant only for the Android users. Cinema box works both on the iPhone as well as iPad, which eventually helps you in watching what you like.

Check out the features that this app has:

  • Watch your favorite TV shows
  • Online streaming helps you in watching everything that you love

There is no need to get you registered on the website as well and this is what makes everything even more convenient and free from problems.

Using the vShare


With the help of vShare, you can get everything in your favor and this app is certainly something that will make things easier for you. Have the vShare installed on your device so that you get the Moviebox App. Download the jailbreak button and as you install it, you will find a vShare icon in the apps menu of your phone.

Through the vShare, you will have to look for the Moviebox, which enables you to find everything you want. There is another method for downloading the app on your device with the help of the IPA method, the direct downloading of the file is possible through which web browsers are used.

This IPA method involves downloading the Moviebox app with the help of the browser and you can download the movie box app directly on your phone or iPad.

Advantages of using this video streaming app: Showbox for iOS


You can browse anything you love including the movies, videos, cartoon or any other serial. Everything happens just with a tap and you have to sit back and enjoy the things that unveil.

Video quality is HD but in order to save your data, download the low-resolution videos, as quality in this case as well is also not compromised. This is the specialty of this app, which ensures easy entertainment in every way. Your favorite TV shows and serials will also get regularly updated so that you can get to see what you like the most.

Showbox For iOS – So, even if you have missed out anything to watch, this app surely comes to your rescue. HD version of the shows and the movies are available, therefore, watch them the way you like and enjoy having a great time with your friends. This app has the regular updates showing up and you may also prepare to watch the movies that you wish to see.

20 Best Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017 – Helps To Find Your Favorite Songs

In this post, I am going to give you name of best 20 free mp3 download sites. As you know that music is one of the coolest things that can make you relax and happy. Music is the best source of expressing the mood or nature of some event. Our brain gets tuned with the beats or scales of the music playing near our ears. Music has been mix with our culture and lifestyle in such a way that people sing inside the bathroom while taking a shower.

Music can utilize your mind and gives you relief from the stress of the word. Soulful music can increase your concentration and will keep you cool and calm. Without music there will be no dance we see all around us, after listening to good music our body starts to react to the music, it is called Freestyle Dance. So this website going to provide you Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017 and will help you to download your favorite songs or music.

Top 20 Best Mp3 Download Sites 2017 for Free:


Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017 – As music is the best source for a person to get their sorrows and stress, nowadays with the help of internet it gets easy for downloading music easily. But sometimes people gets confused that which site will provide quality songs without creating any problem. So following are the list of sites with quality mp3 songs.

1. Mp3 Juice:

This is a free website where you can find latest songs and movies. In this website only you have to enter the name of the song or movie on the search option and then it will provide you with relevant results.

This website will provide you with both options such online play and download. According to your preference, you must choose the option for playing the music or song. No sign-up or registration process is required for downloading the music from this website. So this is one of the best options for you to get songs.


2. Mp3 skull:

Mp3 Skull is one of the popular websites for online streaming or downloading mp3 songs. On this site, you can listen to songs with good quality. Only you have to enter the name of the song on the search option and it will show you the relevant results of the song you want to listen.  You can also filter the songs by selecting the “order by bitrate” option, which will help you to stream the songs faster. There are some instructions that you have to follow while downloading a song from Mp3 skull. So this can also be one of the best sites for downloading mp3.



YouTube is the most popular video hosting sites available on the Internet. This website will give you access to a huge number of music videos. But you cannot get Mp3 songs directly from this source. For getting Mp3 songs, you have to convert the song to mp3. Only you have to copy the URL of the video and paste it on the MP3 juice website and from their download the converted one. As Youtube is the largest source, so this kind of techniques can be used for getting mp3 songs of your choice.


Amazon Prime is the best and paid music providing website present on the internet. But in this article, I have promised you that I will provide you with websites with free service of mp3 songs. Amazon Prime is a paid website but it also offers you with 30days free trial and on this facility, you could access every song in their database and can download from there. So this could also be an easy process for downloading mp3 for limited days.


It is a good site for downloading mp3 music. It is available free but I will advise to upgrade it to the lower price possible so that you can access more music available on this website. The quality of music provided by this site is very good. It actually gets music from all good mp3 websites and put it on the same platform.


It is a tremendous site for downloading Mp3 songs. This site actually puts sources of songs from different websites. It works like a search engine where you will only get the links to the songs for streaming and downloading. In this, you have click on the topic for downloading mp3 songs. So this can also be a relevant choice for downloading mp3sons.


In this site, you will get a collection of websites for downloading mp3 songs. It acts like a search engine which gives you the songs by collecting it from different websites. It has a huge collection of both old and latest songs available on the market. Ads create some problem while using this website but it is ok for downloading mp3 songs.


Mp3fusion is a Meta search engine, and it does not host mp3 songs of its own. Rather it gives links from various sites hosting mp3 songs. The search option provided in it works very efficiently for finding the results of the searched song. So this website can also be used as an option for mp3 download.



Soundcloud is also a very useful site for downloading mp3 songs. The website has different category of songs due to this it a low bounce rate.  This is a good place for downloading mp3 songs. And the amazing features of this site will help you for downloading songs.



This is a very searched website on the Internet for downloading songs. The design of the website is very impressive with its amazing graphics. You can download songs with decent quality from this website without facing any problem. So you can also list this website for downloading mp3 songs.


Noisetrade is also an excellent website for downloading mp3, in this website the artist can meet their fans. You can download songs with a very decent speed from this website. The design and the graphics of this website are also very cool. The user interface of this website is east to use so that any can use it for downloading songs. So this site is a good option for downloading songs.

12. is also a relevant website for downloading mp3 songs. It is a nonprofit organization, and the main motive behind it is to share music to everyone for free. There is no copyright protection for its contents so that anybody can use it. The huge collection of music provides users to visit the website again and again.


The epitomic website was launched March 1999, and it was running well, but due to some financial crisis, this website was closed in 2004. It actually collects songs from different websites legally and posts it on their website, so that people can do it for free.  Now in 2011, it has been launched again for providing music to its users.


Dramacore is a dramatic site, which provides free music download for its users. The website is designed a unique graphics. It seems that the site is rich in art and culture. It has a vast collection of Mp3 songs in different genres for its users. So this is a good website for downloading  MP3 songs for free. Free Mp3 Download Sites


Wontube is an amazing video and music sharing website, and from here you can also download those videos and songs. The quality of the songs provided by this website is good. The collection of songs present on this website takes it you to a different website for downloading songs.


This is a new website for downloading mp3 songs when I was searching for new sites I found this website. It has impressed me with its design and the collection of good websites in it. So it would be very much needed fro me to keep this website on this list.


This is a good website with decent facilities; in it, you can download music in different languages. The design of the site is normal, and the user interface is also easy to use. The popularity of this site is growing day by day. So it was important to keep this website on this list.


This is one of the most popular websites for downloading free Mp3 songs. It has a huge collection of different songs of various categories. So you can get access to any song you love Instantly with this site. So this could be a relevant website for downloading mp3 songs.


This site gives you the facility for posting the favorite song and also enables you to download the mp3 songs. It has a huge collection o0f old and latest songs in the mp3 format. The design of the website is also very impressive. So for these obvious, I have to keep this website on my list.



This is an awesome site for downloading music. In this website, you will find various songs from different genres and categories. You didn’t have to register yourself on this site for downloading songs. So this is a good option for downloading mp3 songs.

The above written are the name of the website, from these you can download mp3 songs for free. All these websites have their own downloading process, but you will get quality songs from these websites. I believe that any Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017 you choose from these will satisfy according to your needs.

Chromecast App Download Guide v1.23.36 – Chrome Cast for PC & Mac

Chromecast App Download: What would have happened if there was a failure if the internet at your place and it was very urgent? We all should have experienced this frustrating moment in life. Did you know that there was another way of accessing your favorite channels and online videos through the internet with no worries about the server going down? Well, as a solution to this Google has developed its amazing product called the Chromecast App.

Chromecast App Download – Chrome cast for PC/ Laptops & MAC OS


The Chrome cast is a digital media device that enables you to live stream your favorite channels and online videos right from your mobile, laptop, personal computer and any other device that supports the internet. The Chromecast is designed in a way that is exclusively portable and comes handy so that you don’t find it another hell of a work when carrying it anywhere. This dongle enables you to access your channels on a TV or also on your home audio system and all those devices that support Google Cast technology. 

History: Chromecast’s first generation model was developed by Google on July 24, 2013. It was also made available in the market on the same day for $35. The Google went on to design its second generation model that supported audio only. It was also called Chromecast Audio. Following this, it upgraded its model to Chromecast Ultra that supported the 4k resolution and high dynamic range apart from those features that were in the Chromecast Audio. The Chromecast Ultra, unlike previous Chromecast models, requires a power supply from the wall outlet. This also has a slot for Ethernet port to accommodate faster network speed to stream 4k resolution content. 


  • The Chromecast has got two ways to stream content: its first way is by employing mobile and web applications that support Google Cast Technology and the second is by mirroring of content from the web browser Google Chrome.
  • The device itself streams channels from the media. It just uses the local version of Google Chrome.
  • Sometimes you wouldn’t be streaming videos, and that is when the Chromecast has a user-personalizable feed on the news, weather, photos, maps, artwork and the like.
  • The ‘guest mode’ feature allows the Chromecast users to access a nearby device which wasn’t possible until the same was introduced. All devices had to be on the same wi-fi network.

Chromecast App Download:

For Android Phones:

  • To get the Chromecast app for Android phones, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Chromecast app.
  • Click on the app to start the download. click on the terms of the agreement before getting it download.
  • Once the apk is downloaded, got to the Downloads in your mobile and click on the apk file you just downloaded to install it.
  • Once this is done you are ready to stream live videos to your Android phone.

For PCs and Laptops (using emulator):

You could use the Chromecast APK in your laptop. This can be done using an emulator. The emulator that I recommend is the Bluestacks. You could download it from its official website.

  • Now open Bluestacks and search for chrome cast.
  • You will find the same APK file you found on your Android phone. Click on it and you are ready to install the application.
  • Wow, there you are ready to stream live media.

For iOS devices:

The Chromecast download can be done on iOS devices too.

  • Open the Apple store and look for Chromecast.
  • Once you click on it for download, you would be required to enter your apple id.
  • Wait a moment for the application to get downloaded. The iOS device has this feature of directly getting the application installed after being downloaded.
  • And there you are. Go for it.


Sales and impact:

After the launch of the device by Google, it reported the sales of the same of the same month to millions and 400 million cast made. The number of the cast kept increasing steadily making one billion in January and 1.5 in May of the same year. By the end of the year, it was rated as America’s most popular media-streaming device. Not just that, in February 2015, Google Korea announced 10 million casts being made globally and by the end of 2015, Chromecast captured 35% of the market of Digital Streamer.

When Chromecast Download was launched, it had four compatible applications: Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies &TV. If other apps were to be made compatible, it would require the access of Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK). With the passage of time, Google made SDK as an open source for all developers in February 2014 so that the app could be made compatible even with third party software too. Chromecast APP manager Rush Chandra addressed that Google used the time developing the SDK’s reliability and accommodate developers from everywhere who could get an easier way to cast a photo/ video on TV without a lot of coding.

PlayBox HD App Download Guide – PlayBox HD Apk For Android V2.0.2

PlayBox HD Apk Download: Are you tired of spending on useless games? Don’t you get time to watch out your favorite movies? In weekends you are not able to cover the entire interesting cinema that you want to? I understand you pain friends that you need help. We all are busy in our lives, very much. We don’t find the time for anything to do it in the proper manner; but when we get time, we love to entertain ourselves, watching a video, movies, and lot more tweaks available on the internet.

PlayBox HD Download – Play Box HD Apk For Android | An Online Movie Shop


When it comes to the movies, I feel we all love different genres to watch. In our free time, when we don’t wish to step outside the home and office we want an app that can help us to watch out our favorite movies on the phone. The app that can full fill your this desire is Play Box HD Apk.

You can use this app whenever you want to watch your movies. PlayBox HD Download helps you to explore more in the movie section. This app was mainly made for the lovers who really feel the absence of watching the movie in their free time. The motive of this app is to entertain its users and to bring the movie fever back and let them enjoy their whole free time.

Features of PlayBox HD Apk Download:

  • PlayBox HD Apk not only offers you your favorite movies, but you can also enjoy cartoons, your favorite shows, anime and lots of different kinds of stuff. The wide area of entertainment is covered by this app which distinguishes it from other applications available on the internet.
  • You can install PlayBox HD free of cost, this will not see pocket but give you enough amusement. You can watch out your favorite shows and the different kinds of stuff free of cost. There are many apps available on the net that seeks money from its users, for downloading it but here, you get all the things free.
  • You have the option to watch out your stuff in different resolutions. This app also offers HD quality videos, which is liked by many of the users. We love to watch out in anything in the HD quality and nowadays it’s the trending demand to see the movies at the higher resolution.
  • This app also differentiates the new and trending movies, which eases the users to find out their favorite movie and entertainment stuff easily.
  • This app is quite user-friendly; anyone can use it easily anytime they want to. The users only require having one thing on their phone, and i.e. is the proper internet connection.
  • This is an awesome streaming app that allows you watch the hit TV shows and enjoy the blockbuster movies on your Android and IOS system.

Well, these are the most important features that the makers of this app have drawn. If you wish to have this app in your system then read the next heading of this article.


How to download PlayBox HD App?

When it comes to downloading this app, then the most trusted site for it is the Google play store. You just need to follow few steps to download this app in your system. The following steps are-

  1. If you are an Android user then click on the icon of Play store. If you all use other tweaks then open this app in the internet tab.
  2. Click on the website and use the search box located at the top; write the name of this app and click on search.
  3. After few seconds, you will find the results of your search. There would be the list of apps that belongs to it and Play Box HD App would list up on the top.
  4. You need to click on the right spelling icon for downloading this app, don’t tap on the others as they would be its alternatives.
  5. Once you click on the right app, you will be directed to the app.
  6. After that, the downloading page will appear where you can find the full information about this app with the other users rating and reviews.
  7. You will see an option of install; for downloading this app click on it. When you click on the app, you will be shown the terms and conditions, just click on agree and then the downloading will began.
  8. Once the app is downloaded, you will find its icon present on your home screen; just click it and enjoy the features.

Follow, these simple steps and the app will be downloaded to your system very easily. You also need few things to know before you download PlayBox HD Apk.


As you, all can see that this app can be downloaded from the play store, which itself implies that this is a verified app. For the verified apps, you always need to keep your Smartphone away from the root.

I hope that you all know the meaning of rooting your phone. So, the users you have rooted their Smartphone many find some trouble in downloading the verified app. So, don’t root your phone as this feature makes your phone condition vulnerable. The Android and the IOS users can easily download this app, as it available on both these devices.

Pros and cons:

Coming to pros, this app is just fabulous in simple words. You may find many apps but you can’t find any which can take it replace it. This app is free of cost, so this thing can lure more and more users towards it. All the features that these app offers are free of cost which is the most demanded thing amongst the people. The picture quality of this app is also very good.

When talking about the cons, the users have made some complaint. They say that when they update this app they find trouble in watching the movies and this app is not working in fine mode. Well, till now only this complaint has come.

Well, I hope this is sorted out soon and the entertainment lovers must give PlayBox HD Apk a try.