Apps like Showbox 2018 | Best Showbox Alternatives

Are you utterly boredom of watching movies on Showbox Apk? Or are just curious to know if there any best alternatives exist that can meet your requirements in every realm as Showbox does?

Well, we have got you covered.

As we already are known that Showbox is one of the astonishing platforms for movie geeks who love streaming movies on their phone. Since Showbox provides you with unlimited access to free movies and TV shows, it is always one of the best choices to go for.

However, sometimes there might be certain circumstances when you wouldn’t be able to access the site, or it got malfunctioned someway. In that case, alternatives are the only option you got left with. You wouldn’t let these technical issues make you miserable when you already have available with vast resources.

Okay, so enough jibber-jabber, let’s get into the topic.

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Apps Like Showbox

5 best apps like Showbox that you would be definitely going to love:

1. Megabox HD

Megabox HD Apk

Megabox is one of the astounding alternatives of Showbox jam-packed with tons of features. Unfortunately, it is only available for Android devices. If you’re a so-called ‘iFolk,’ then sad react for you. Megabox HD comes with a user-friendly interface which aids you from the hassle of navigation through the app. Although, the size of the app is only 1.8 MB which occupies just the negligible storage.

The best thing that I liked about this app is that it has various sections in its dashboard so that even if you a complete noob, you yet can sort the media based on your choice. Furthermore, you won’t face any sort of downtime or lagging using this astonishing movie streaming platform due to its reliable and robust server.

Not to mention, the only thing that could make you miserable while streaming your favorite movie is the bombardment of ads you’ll encounter.

2. Playbox HD


Playbox HD is yet another the best app worth calling the excellent alternative for Showbox. It allows you to stream tons of HD movies and TV shows and is quite similar to the Showbox concerning the working and user-interface. Playbox HD is available for both iOS and Android devices.

It allows you unlimited streaming of your favorite movies and TV serials with no cost. As it has no premium version available that could claim you additional features for some extra penny. The app is freely available for Android and iOS devices, and you can download it via official site of the app.

As Playbox is offering you HD quality content, so the data consumption will be quite high comparatively other movie streaming apps. Besides, it has no such enormous downside to mention specifically.

3. Movie Box

Moviebox HD

Movie Box helps you get updated with the newest lineup of movies. If you’re a huge movie buff, then this app is for you. Here you can stream unlimited HD content without spending a single penny. And the best thing you’ll be going to love about this app is that they often updated their database so that you always get the latest stuff on the board.

But we also have something to tell you which can make you unhappy for a while. And the bad news is – If you’re not that good at English with regards to understanding the speaking part, you might be going to dislike it, as Movie Box only provides support for Russian and English languages.

Apart from this, Movie Box comes with an easy-to-use interface that will save you from the plague of being new to the environment. And finally, the con that might bother you a lot is, watching the trailer every time prior to streaming the actual movie part.

4. Crackle


Another leading app with more than 20 million users is undoubtedly the best alternative to Showbox. Crackle is yet another the popular app providing unlimited movie and TV shows streaming for Android users. The no-interruption user interface makes it more appealing for the users to get their hands on.

Crackle for Android comes with Smart TV connection support which let you watch your favorite media content right on your TV box which sports a larger display along with more fun. Due to the app popularity, it successfully has cemented its position among the 5 best apps like Showbox. It also allows you variety of subtitles to choose from.

However, you might be surprised knowing the only woeful con associated with Crackle is – you will not to be able to enjoy the latest content on the app because they only update their movie and TV show repository in a time span of 3o days.

5. Cinema Box

Cinima Box

Last but not the least, Cinema Box is the another popular yet best Showbox alternatives in the list. It comes with a chunk-load of features along with neat and clean user interface which makes the whole process laughably easy. Since it is compatible using on both iOS and Android, the user base is growing enormously.

Cinema Box exceptional features range from streaming movies in the offline mode to screening Chrome Cast. It allows you watching high-definition movies with a wide range of subtitles to choose from. Moreover, the flexible addition here is that you can stream movies in the offline mode and it also provides you with kid’s mode features.

Unfortunately, Cinema Box isn’t available on Play Store, so perhaps, you’ll be going to having hard times getting this app on your device up and running.


That’s all guys here are the 5 best apps like Showbox that can meet all your intended demands. We have cataloged the whole list on the basis of our research, user ratings and popularity among the movie geeks. And we hope this is one of the best guides covering Showbox substitutes that you’ll ever get stumbled across.

Apps like Showbox 2018 | Best Showbox Alternatives
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