5 Best Movies to Watch with your Kids & Family

Spending time with the children is highly required in the present times. The moments shared with them helps in establishing a better relationship. What could be better than watching a movie with them and creating a set of memories to cherish forever? According to the various researches conducted in this same realm proves that activities such as watching movies, playing games, among other create sync between the brain waves of the family members if done together.

Watch Movies With Kids

A typical movie lasts less than 2 hours, but the learning gathered from it, is bound to last forever. Ask yourself, did you ever forget about a movie that you watched? We don’t think so. Filmmakers nowadays focus on creating movies which are enjoyable as well as informative at the same time. These movies are packed with good messages and role
models which create a good impact on the minds of children.

List of 5 Best Movies to Watch with your Kids – Children Movies:

So in this article, we are going to suggest you five movies to watch with your kids. So sit back and note down the names to have a good time with your children.

1. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

If you are looking for a movie which teaches about the importance of family relationships and role of our dad in our lives, this movie is a perfect watch for your children. Directors and storywriters have done a tremendous job in conveying the emotions that need to be conveyed such as teamwork, dedication, loyalty, and a father’s love for his children.

Parents should keep in mind that the movie presents scenes and parts where it could get a little scary for children, such as when the major characters die, creatures with big and sharp teeth scare Nemo, among others. All in all, we think that this movie is a must watch for children, and it becomes much poignant when watched with the parents.

2. Toy Story Series

Toy Story Series

A movie series which has got many laurels owing to its uniqueness and fantastic storytelling; Toy Story has gained a massive fan following from people of all age group. It has everything that a movie must have, especially if you are planning to watch it with your children.

There are elements such as separation, rivalry, among others which are inculcated in the movie so that the children could understand them and don’t seem childish to the adults. If your kids are going through a phase of sibling rivalry, the scenes and parts of this movie focusing on this aspect would increase their affection towards their siblings and lead to a better relationship between them.

Kids would appreciate the visual effects and the dialogues put in by filmmakers, and if you let them know that this was one of the first new-age animation movies, it could make them aware about the effort put up by makers of this movie. To sum it up, Toy Story is a great movie for kids and would be a perfect blend of fun and life lessons for children.

3. Home Alone

Home Alone

We are sure that you are a little surprised by watching this movie’s name on this list. Children tend not sitting the entire 1-2 hours while watching a movie. However, this movie has got all the elements which would stick
them in front of the screen from the inception till the completion of the movie. It teaches kids about the art of fending for themselves and letting them know how they could deal with tough circumstances with their sheer brilliance.

The slapstick scenes in go a long way in making the children laugh. However there are certain downsides to the movie too, the profanity and violence depicted in the movie can make the children feel uneasy. So its better if you set up the priorities whether you are okay with the not-so-good aspect of this brilliant movie.

At last, we are going to say that the movie teaches a lot of lessons purely on the basis of its slapstick comedy and innocence of the child character which makes it a must watch with your children.

4. The Lion King

The Lion King

Kids are fascinated by animals, and especially by the king of Jungle; Lion. The Lion King is a movie which is remembered by the people who have seen it. This is one of those movies which commands respect from its viewers, and you would end up respecting the characters of the film. If you are looking for a movie which has life lessons, glory, happiness, sadness and all that what is desired for a kids movie, the lion king is a perfect choice.

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The movie could get painful when Simba’s father Mufasa is trampled to death and when the fights between different characters of the movie take place. However, one thing’s for sure; this movie would give a life lesson to your child, that is, Always face your problems and never run away from them, as courage and determination would help you in overcoming those situations.

5. Croods


A movie which is light-hearted and informative, Croods is a movie which would make your children laugh their heart out in many scenes. Numerous parents claim that it was an enjoyable as it presented prehistoric times in an informative format without compromising on the fun part. If your child loves animated movies, this is going to be his favorites as it contains state-of-the-art graphics and CGI effects which is pleasing to the eyes.

As a parent, you would relate to the characters of the movie who face dilemmas that parents of the present age have to go through. All these aspects would make you wonder whether parents in the prehistoric times had the same lives as we do have now.

The movie would also employ slapstick comedy which is loved by the children and contains many dialogues and scenes which makes it worth watching with children. All in all, the movie is a perfect blend of fun, information, knowledge, life lessons, and humor which is desirable from a film.


So this is all from our side! We appreciate the idea that you want to spend some quality time with your children. We hope you find the list of ‘5 best movies to watch your kids’ helpful that we presented in this article.

5 Best Movies to Watch with your Kids & Family
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