In this post, I am going to give you name of best 20 free mp3 download sites. As you know that music is one of the coolest things that can make you relax and happy. Music is the best source of expressing the mood or nature of some event. Our brain gets tuned to the beats or scales of the music playing near our ears. Music has been mix with our culture and lifestyle in such a way that people sing inside the bathroom while taking a shower.

Music can utilize your mind and gives you relief from the stress of the word. Soulful music can increase your concentration and will keep you cool and calm. Without music there will be no dance we see all around us, after listening to good music our body starts to react to the music, it is called Freestyle Dance. So this website going to provide you Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017 and will help you to download your favorite songs or music.

Top 20 Best Mp3 Download Sites 2018 for Free:


Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017 – As music is the best source for a person to get their sorrows and stress, nowadays with the help of internet it gets easy for downloading music easily. But sometimes people get confused that which site will provide quality songs without creating any problem. So following are the list of sites with quality mp3 songs.

1. Mp3 Juice:

This is a free website where you can find latest songs and movies. In this website only you have to enter the name of the song or movie on the search option and then it will provide you with relevant results.

This website will provide you with both options such online play and download. According to your preference, you must choose the option of playing the music or song. No sign-up or registration process is required for downloading the music from this website. So this is one of the best options for you to get songs.


2. Mp3 skull:

Mp3 Skull is one of the popular websites for online streaming or downloading mp3 songs. On this site, you can listen to songs with good quality. Only you have to enter the name of the song on the search option and it will show you the relevant results of the song you want to listen.  You can also filter the songs by selecting the “order by bitrate” option, which will help you to stream the songs faster. There are some instructions that you have to follow while downloading a song from Mp3 skull. So this can also be one of the best sites for downloading mp3.



YouTube is the most popular video hosting sites available on the Internet. This website will give you access to a huge number of music videos. But you cannot get Mp3 songs directly from this source. Forgetting Mp3 songs, you have to convert the song to mp3. Only you have to copy the URL of the video and paste it on the MP3 juice website and from their download the converted one. As Youtube is the largest source, so this kind of techniques can be used for getting mp3 songs of your choice.


Amazon Prime is the best and paid music providing website present on the internet. But in this article, I have promised you that I will provide you with websites with free service of mp3 songs. Amazon Prime is a paid website but it also offers you with 30days free trial and on this facility, you could access every song in their database and can download from there. So this could also be an easy process for downloading mp3 for limited days.


It is a good site for downloading mp3 music. It is available free but I will advise to upgrade it to the lower price possible so that you can access more music available on this website. The quality of music provided by this site is very good. It actually gets music from all good mp3 websites and put it on the same platform.


It is a tremendous site for downloading Mp3 songs. This site actually puts sources of songs from different websites. It works like a search engine where you will only get the links to the songs for streaming and downloading. In this, you have click on the topic for downloading mp3 songs. So this can also be a relevant choice for downloading mp3sons.


In this site, you will get a collection of websites for downloading mp3 songs. It acts like a search engine which gives you the songs by collecting it from different websites. It has a huge collection of both old and latest songs available on the market. Ads create some problem while using this website but it is ok for downloading mp3 songs.


Mp3fusion is a Meta search engine, and it does not host mp3 songs of its own. Rather it gives links from various sites hosting mp3 songs. The search option provided in it works very efficiently for finding the results of the searched song. So this website can also be used as an option for mp3 download.



Soundcloud is also a very useful site for downloading mp3 songs. The website has different category of songs due to this it a low bounce rate.  This is a good place for downloading mp3 songs. And the amazing features of this site will help you for downloading songs.



This is a very searched website on the Internet for downloading songs. The design of the website is very impressive with its amazing graphics. You can download songs with decent quality from this website without facing any problem. So you can also list this website for downloading mp3 songs.


Noisetrade is also an excellent website for downloading mp3, in this website the artist can meet their fans. You can download songs with a very decent speed from this website. The design and the graphics of this website are also very cool. The user interface of this website is east to use so that any can use it for downloading songs. So this site is a good option for downloading songs.

12. is also a relevant website for downloading mp3 songs. It is a nonprofit organization, and the main motive behind it is to share music to everyone for free. There is no copyright protection for its contents so that anybody can use it. The huge collection of music provides users to visit the website again and again.


The epitomic website was launched March 1999, and it was running well, but due to some financial crisis, this website was closed in 2004. It actually collects songs from different websites legally and posts it on their website, so that people can do it for free.  Now in 2011, it has been launched again for providing music to its users.


Dramacore is a dramatic site, which provides free music download for its users. The website is designed a unique graphics. It seems that the site is rich in art and culture. It has a vast collection of Mp3 songs in different genres for its users. So this is a good website for downloading  MP3 songs for free. Free Mp3 Download Sites


Wontube is an amazing video and music sharing website, and from here you can also download those videos and songs. The quality of the songs provided by this website is good. The collection of songs present on this website takes it you to a different website for downloading songs.


This is a new website for downloading mp3 songs when I was searching for new sites I found this website. It has impressed me with its design and the collection of good websites in it. So it would be very much needed fro me to keep this website on this list.


This is a good website with decent facilities; in it, you can download music in different languages. The design of the site is normal, and the user interface is also easy to use. The popularity of this site is growing day by day. So it was important to keep this website on this list.


This is one of the most popular websites for downloading free Mp3 songs. It has a huge collection of different songs of various categories. So you can get access to any song you love Instantly with this site. So this could be a relevant website for downloading mp3 songs.


This site gives you the facility for posting the favorite song and also enables you to download the mp3 songs. It has a huge collection o0f old and latest songs in the mp3 format. The design of the website is also very impressive. So for these obvious, I have to keep this website on my list.



This is an awesome site for downloading music. In this website, you will find various songs from different genres and categories. You didn’t have to register yourself on this site for downloading songs. So this is a good option for downloading mp3 songs.

The above written are the name of the website, from these you can download mp3 songs for free. All these websites have their own downloading process, but you will get quality songs from these websites. I believe that any Free Mp3 Download Sites 2018 you choose from these will satisfy according to your needs.

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