Best Apps Like ShowBox Alternatives for Android iOS Devices 2018

Undoubtedly, Showbox is the leading video streaming application. But sometimes the server of Showbox may get down due to excessive use of the application. In such situation, you may receive an error like Showbox not Working or Showbox has Stopped. So, for such a situation is always better to have the best Showbox Alternative downloaded on your device to continue with your streaming.

4 Best Apps Like Showbox – Download Showbox Alternatives:

Apps like showbox

Showbox is the popular video streaming application with myriads of features that enhance the overall streaming experience of the users. However, like all other applications, Showbox app also has few downsides and this is the reason why many users often keep a backup plan ready to continue with their streaming experience. At times, Showbox server may remain down due to excessive usages and in such situation, you need to wait till the server resumes. But, you are no longer required to wait as there are myriads of alternatives available. Download Showbox Alternative on your device for the time when the application is down. Below are the few best alternatives which are worth downloading on your device to keep enjoying your video streaming experience.

Best Showbox Alternative for Android and iOS

Although their internet is flooded with myriads of alternatives to Showbox App, not all are equally designed and hence it is necessary to download the best Apps Like Showbox Alternatives which can allow you to stream videos and movies in HD quality for free. Below are some of the alternatives which are available across multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

1. CinemaBox for Android and iOS

CinemaBox for Android

If you want to enjoy the same features and quality of video streaming like Showbox, then CinermaBox would be the best Showbox Alternative for you. The application is available for free downloading from the internet and it comes with excellent features that allow streaming movies and videos both online and offline. The application supports multiple platforms including iOS and Android and also supports other apps and devices like Chrome Cast. The application has kid’s mode feature and allows the users to play subtitles along the movies that are streaming and when required.

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2. MegaBox HD for Android

MegaBox HD for Android

Available only for Android devices, the MegaBox HD is the application which is a perfect alternative to Showbox streaming. The best part of this application is that it is very small and consumes very small space of your phone’s memory, thus making it the most convenient app to be downloaded on your Android device. The application allows streaming movies at 360 to 720p depending upon your choice and all the movies and videos are listed based on its genre.

3. Newest Movie HD for Android

Movie HD App

This is another application that allows streaming of movies on your Android device. This is the excellent Showbox Alternative as it allows you to stream movies online without the need of subscriptions. This application, not just only helps Android users to stream movies online, but it allows you to download the movies right on your device which you can stream later offline. The application offers the ratings of the movies by IMDP so choose the movies you want to stream wisely and it provides you with varied quality options in which you can stream the movies.

4. Hubi for iOS and Android

Download Hubi App

The best part of the Android phone is that most of the apps which work on iOS are also compatible with Android devices and Hubi video streaming application is one such application. Apart from streaming movies and videos online, Hubi App allows you to stream the TV channels and download any videos present in the weed to be streamed later in offline mode. So, download this Best Showbox Apk Alternatives to enjoy its benefits and features for free.

Best Apps Like ShowBox Alternatives for Android iOS Devices 2018
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