Chromecast App Download v1.27.81.4 | Chromecast Setup for PC 2018

What would have happened if there was a failure if the internet at your place and it was very urgent? We all should have experienced this frustrating moment in life. Did you know that there was another way of accessing your favorite channels and online videos through the internet with no worries about the server going down? Well, as a solution to this Google has developed its amazing product called the Chromecast App.

Chromecast App Download – Chromecast Setup for PC/ Laptops

Chromecast App Download

The Chrome cast is a digital media device that enables you to live stream your favorite channels and online videos right from your mobile, laptop, personal computer and any other device that supports the internet. The Chromecast is designed in a way that is exclusively portable and comes handy so that you don’t find it another hell of a work when carrying it anywhere. This dongle enables you to access your channels on a TV or also on your home audio system and all those devices that support Google Cast technology.

History: Chromecast’s first generation model was developed by Google on July 24, 2013. It was also made available in the market on the same day for $35. The Google went on to design its second generation model that supported audio only. It was also called Chromecast Audio. Following this, it upgraded its model to Chromecast Ultra that supported the 4k resolution and high dynamic range apart from those features that were in the Chromecast Audio. The Chromecast Ultra, unlike previous Chromecast models, requires a power supply from the wall outlet. This also has a slot for Ethernet port to accommodate faster network speed to stream 4k resolution content.


  • The Chromecast has got two ways to stream content: its first way is by employing mobile and web applications that support Google Cast Technology and the second is by mirroring of content from the web browser Google Chrome.
  • The device itself streams channels from the media. It just uses the local version of Google Chrome.
  • Sometimes you wouldn’t be streaming videos, and that is when the Chromecast has a user-personalizable feed on the news, weather, photos, maps, artwork and the like.
  • The ‘guest mode’ feature allows the Chromecast users to access a nearby device which wasn’t possible until the same was introduced. All devices had to be on the same wi-fi network.

Chromecast App Download:

Chromecast App Download

For Android Phones:

  • To get the Chromecast app for Android phones, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Chromecast app.
  • Click on the app to start the download. click on the terms of the agreement before getting it download.
  • Once the apk is downloaded, got to the Downloads in your mobile and click on the apk file you just downloaded to install it.
  • Once this is done you are ready to stream live videos to your Android phone.

For PCs and Laptops (using emulator):

You could use the Chromecast APK in your laptop. This can be done using an emulator. The emulator that I recommend is the Bluestacks. You could download it from its official website.

  • Now open Bluestacks and search for chrome cast.
  • You will find the same APK file you found on your Android phone. Click on it and you are ready to install the application.
  • Wow, there you are ready to stream live media.

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For iOS devices:

The Chromecast download can be done on iOS devices too.

  • Open the Apple store and look for Chromecast.
  • Once you click on it for download, you would be required to enter your apple id.
  • Wait a moment for the application to get downloaded. The iOS device has this feature of directly getting the application installed after being downloaded.
  • And there you are. Go for it.

Sales and impact:

After the launch of the device by Google, it reported the sales of the same of the same month to millions and 400 million cast made. The number of the cast kept increasing steadily making one billion in January and 1.5 in May of the same year. By the end of the year, it was rated as America’s most popular media-streaming device. Not just that, in February 2015, Google Korea announced 10 million casts being made globally and by the end of 2015, Chromecast captured 35% of the market of Digital Streamer.


When Chromecast Download was launched, it had four compatible applications: Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies &TV. If other apps were to be made compatible, it would require the access of Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK). With the passage of time, Google made SDK as an open source for all developers in February 2014 so that the app could be made compatible even with third party software too. Chromecast APP manager Rush Chandra addressed that Google used the time developing the SDK’s reliability and accommodate developers from everywhere who could get an easier way to cast a photo/ video on TV without a lot of coding.

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