Parallel Space APK Download 2018 – Experience Dual Apps in Android OS

Parallel Space is the best application designed for the Android platform which comes with some of the best features and lets the android users use multiple accounts at once using the same gadget. It is a top-ranked tool in the android market. To get this application you need to download Parallel Space APK on your device.

Parallel Space APK Download Guide – Experience Multiple accounts in Android

Parallel Space APK Download

Parallel Space is the best free application designed for Android devices and this application enables the users to run multiple accounts on a single device at a time. Since after its launch, it has become the most popular tool for the Android platform and has over 90 million users globally. This application not just only allow users to run multiple accounts on the single device, but also enables them to customize the themes of all cloned applications and also highlights the style and space.

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The application also keeps the privacy details protected using the popular feature “Incognito Installation” which makes the applications invisible. Although you can download the application from the Google Play Store as it is a legitimate app, if you don’t want to register with App Store using Gmail account, then you can get the app by downloading the Parallel Space APK.

What Makes Parallel Space APK Unique and Must-Have App?

  • Parallel Space APK is the powerful tool that allows you to use multiple accounts on the single device at a time
    It allows you to enjoy multiple accounts and experience double user’s online gaming with more thrill and excitement.
  • The tool has all the applications which support second account and will never interfere with the existing data
    This tool also protects the private details of the users by using the security lock and also conceals the secret apps from the radar of the spying server
  • The application allows the users to create customized themes for any cloned apps and games
    It allows the users to switch from one application to another in a matter of seconds and with ease
  • The tool support multiple languages for the convenience of the users

The Process to Download and Install Parallel Space APK on Android Device

The process to download the APK file of Parallel Space is simple. However, before downloading the Parallel Space APK you need to enable your device to accept APK file from a third-party site. To enable this on your device you need to go to the “Settings” of your device and click on “Security Settings” and search for “Unknown Sources” and tap on this option to enable it and to accept downloaded files from third-party sites.

  • First download Parallel Space APK with the Link provided Here
  • Store the downloaded file on the SD card of your phone
  • Navigate to the location where you have stored the APK file of Parallel Space
  • Click on APK to extract the .exe file and click on “Install” button to start the installation process
  • The installation may take some time to wait until the process is over

Now launch the application and start using multiple accounts with the help of Parallel Space APK.

Parallel Space APK Download 2018 – Experience Dual Apps in Android OS
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Chromecast App Download v1.27.81.4 | Chromecast Setup for PC 2018

What would have happened if there was a failure if the internet at your place and it was very urgent? We all should have experienced this frustrating moment in life. Did you know that there was another way of accessing your favorite channels and online videos through the internet with no worries about the server going down? Well, as a solution to this Google has developed its amazing product called the Chromecast App.

Chromecast App Download – Chromecast Setup for PC/ Laptops

Chromecast App Download

The Chrome cast is a digital media device that enables you to live stream your favorite channels and online videos right from your mobile, laptop, personal computer and any other device that supports the internet. The Chromecast is designed in a way that is exclusively portable and comes handy so that you don’t find it another hell of a work when carrying it anywhere. This dongle enables you to access your channels on a TV or also on your home audio system and all those devices that support Google Cast technology.

History: Chromecast’s first generation model was developed by Google on July 24, 2013. It was also made available in the market on the same day for $35. The Google went on to design its second generation model that supported audio only. It was also called Chromecast Audio. Following this, it upgraded its model to Chromecast Ultra that supported the 4k resolution and high dynamic range apart from those features that were in the Chromecast Audio. The Chromecast Ultra, unlike previous Chromecast models, requires a power supply from the wall outlet. This also has a slot for Ethernet port to accommodate faster network speed to stream 4k resolution content.


  • The Chromecast has got two ways to stream content: its first way is by employing mobile and web applications that support Google Cast Technology and the second is by mirroring of content from the web browser Google Chrome.
  • The device itself streams channels from the media. It just uses the local version of Google Chrome.
  • Sometimes you wouldn’t be streaming videos, and that is when the Chromecast has a user-personalizable feed on the news, weather, photos, maps, artwork and the like.
  • The ‘guest mode’ feature allows the Chromecast users to access a nearby device which wasn’t possible until the same was introduced. All devices had to be on the same wi-fi network.

Chromecast App Download:

Chromecast App Download

For Android Phones:

  • To get the Chromecast app for Android phones, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Chromecast app.
  • Click on the app to start the download. click on the terms of the agreement before getting it download.
  • Once the apk is downloaded, got to the Downloads in your mobile and click on the apk file you just downloaded to install it.
  • Once this is done you are ready to stream live videos to your Android phone.

For PCs and Laptops (using emulator):

You could use the Chromecast APK in your laptop. This can be done using an emulator. The emulator that I recommend is the Bluestacks. You could download it from its official website.

  • Now open Bluestacks and search for chrome cast.
  • You will find the same APK file you found on your Android phone. Click on it and you are ready to install the application.
  • Wow, there you are ready to stream live media.

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For iOS devices:

The Chromecast download can be done on iOS devices too.

  • Open the Apple store and look for Chromecast.
  • Once you click on it for download, you would be required to enter your apple id.
  • Wait a moment for the application to get downloaded. The iOS device has this feature of directly getting the application installed after being downloaded.
  • And there you are. Go for it.

Sales and impact:

After the launch of the device by Google, it reported the sales of the same of the same month to millions and 400 million cast made. The number of the cast kept increasing steadily making one billion in January and 1.5 in May of the same year. By the end of the year, it was rated as America’s most popular media-streaming device. Not just that, in February 2015, Google Korea announced 10 million casts being made globally and by the end of 2015, Chromecast captured 35% of the market of Digital Streamer.


When Chromecast Download was launched, it had four compatible applications: Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies &TV. If other apps were to be made compatible, it would require the access of Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK). With the passage of time, Google made SDK as an open source for all developers in February 2014 so that the app could be made compatible even with third party software too. Chromecast APP manager Rush Chandra addressed that Google used the time developing the SDK’s reliability and accommodate developers from everywhere who could get an easier way to cast a photo/ video on TV without a lot of coding.

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Popcornflix Download For Hassle – Free Movies Streaming

PopcornFlix App is the most wonderful application that allows its users to stream free online movies. This movie streaming application comes with the largest collection of classic movies and the recently released movies. It has different categories of movies ranging from comedy to thrill, actions to animations and adventure. The application has versatile video content for its uses and it is known for the excellent functionality. Because of its widest collection of movies and performance it has become the most widely used and appreciated movie streaming application today and people are finding a way to get PopcornFlix App Download.

Brief Review of PopcornFlix App:

Popcornflix App

The application comes with easy to navigate interface and the keys and drop-down menu enables you to access across the different categories of movies. The homepage of the application comprises all the recently added movies and the popular choices. Users will find no difficulty in using the application and even searching of the desired content is easier with this application as it comes with the supportive search bar.

However, the video content on this application is limited and it is not that rich compared to other movie streaming application, especially the paid version. You will find the large collection of comedy and horror movies as it holds the best collection in this genre and people of all ages can enjoy streaming them online. There is also a separate segment for the animated series of movies which kids can enjoy streaming. Currently, the application has over 800 movies in its library and all the movies are classified according to its genre so as to offer the users the best streaming experience. The application also allows the users to stream film school original and original web series on the application of PopcornFlix App.

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PopcornFlix movie streaming application compatible with all the popular platforms including Chromecast, iOS, Xbox, Android, Roku, Play Station and more. The application can also be synced with the SmartTV you have at your home so as to stream movies online on a larger screen for free. The user experience remains the same but the size of the screen increases.

What Are The Prime Highlights of PopcornFlix App?

Popcornflix movies

  • The movie library and database of movies in this application is updated regularly
  • It offers you the ability to browse movies, according to actor, genre and more
  • It has the largest collection of online movies that you can stream for free through this application
  • The application is compatible with all the popular platforms out there

How to Download PopcornFlix App?

Download Popcorn Flix App

Well, the process to download the movie streaming application is very simple and easy. You are required to download the APK file on your Android device from its official website. The mobile application of PopcornFlix App is not available on Google Play Store and hence you need to download the APK file from its website. The step by step guide on how to get PopcornFlix App Download is mentioned below. You need to follow it carefully so as to successfully complete the downloading process to enjoy streaming online movies for free.

  • If you want to download the application on your Android device, then ensure to enable the “Unknown Source” option from the settings.
  • You need to go to the “Settings” of your device and tap on “Security Settings”. After you scroll down then you will notice the option of “Unknown Source” you need to tab on it to enable the option
  • Now go to the official website of PopcornFlix i.e. and download the APK file online
  • Store the APK file on your device and run it as an administrator you will be asked to grant permission to start the installation process
  • The installation of the application may take time and hence you are required to wait till the installation is over
  • Once the installation is over you can access the movie list from its homepage. There is also a search bar from where you can search for your favorite movies and start streaming the movies online right away
Popcornflix Download For Hassle – Free Movies Streaming
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PlayBox HD App Download Latest 2018 | PlayBox HD Apk For Android

Are you tired of spending on useless games? Don’t you get time to watch out your favorite movies? On weekends you are not able to cover the entire interesting cinema that you want to? I understand you pain friends that you need help. We all are busy in our lives, very much. We don’t find the time for anything to do it in the proper manner; but when we get time, we love to entertain ourselves, watching a video, movies, and lot more tweaks available with Playbox HD App.

PlayBox HD Download – Play Box HD App An Online Movie Shop

PlayBox HD Download

When it comes to the movies, I feel we all love different genres to watch. In our free time, when we don’t wish to step outside the home and office we want an app that can help us to watch out our favorite movies on the phone. The app that can full fill your this desire is Play Box HD Apk.

You can use this app whenever you want to watch your movies. PlayBox HD Download helps you to explore more in the movie section. This app was mainly made for the lovers who really feel the absence of watching the movie in their free time. The motive of this app is to entertain its users and to bring the movie fever back and let them enjoy their whole free time.

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Features of PlayBox HD Apk Download:

  • PlayBox HD Apk not only offers you your favorite movies, but you can also enjoy cartoons, your favorite shows, anime and lots of different kinds of stuff. The wide area of entertainment is covered by this app which distinguishes it from other applications available on the internet.
  • You can install PlayBox HD free of cost, this will not see pocket but give you enough amusement. You can watch out your favorite shows and the different kinds of stuff free of cost. There are many apps available on the net that seeks money from its users, for downloading it but here, you get all the things free.
  • You have the option to watch out your stuff at different resolutions. This app also offers HD quality videos, which is liked by many of the users. We love to watch out for anything in the HD quality and nowadays it’s the trending demand to see the movies at the higher resolution.
  • This app also differentiates the new and trending movies, which eases the users to find out their favorite movie and entertainment stuff easily.
  • This app is quite user-friendly; anyone can use it easily any time they want to. The users only require having one thing on their phone, and i.e. is the proper internet connection.
  • This is an awesome streaming app that allows you watch the hit TV shows and enjoy the blockbuster movies on your Android and IOS system.

Well, these are the most important features that the makers of this app have drawn. If you wish to have this app on your system then read the next heading of this article.

How to download PlayBox HD App?

PlayBox HD Download

When it comes to downloading this app, then the most trusted site for it is the Google play store. You just need to follow few steps to download this app to your system. The following steps are-

  1. If you are an Android user then click on the icon of Play store. If you all use other tweaks then open this app on the internet tab.
  2. Click on the website and use the search box located at the top; write the name of this app and click on search.
    After few seconds, you will find the results of your search. There would be the list of apps that belong to it and Play Box HD App would list up on the top.
  3. You need to click on the right spelling icon for downloading this app, don’t tap on the others as they would be its alternatives.
  4. Once you click on the right app, you will be directed to the app.
  5. After that, the downloading page will appear where you can find the full information about this app with the other users rating and reviews.
  6. You will see an option to install; for downloading this app click on it. When you click on the app, you will be
  7. shown the terms and conditions, just click on agree and then the downloading will began.
  8. Once the app is downloaded, you will find its icon present on your home screen; just click it and enjoy the features.

Follow, these simple steps and the app will be downloaded to your system very easily. You also need few things to know before you Download PlayBox HD Apk.


As you, all can see that this app can be downloaded from the play store, which itself implies that this is a verified app. For the verified apps, you always need to keep your Smartphone away from the root.

I hope that you all know the meaning of rooting your phone. So, the users you have rooted their Smartphone many find some trouble in downloading the verified app. So, don’t root your phone as this feature makes your phone condition vulnerable. The Android and the IOS users can easily download this app, as it available on both these devices.

Pros and cons:
Coming to pros, this app is just fabulous in simple words. You may find many apps but you can’t find any which can take it replace it. This app is free of cost, so this thing can lure more and more users towards it. All the features that these app offers are free of cost which is the most demanded thing amongst the people. The picture quality of this app is also very good.

When talking about the cons, the users have made some complaint. They say that when they update this app they find trouble in watching the movies and this app is not working in fine mode. Well, till now only this complaint has come.

Well, I hope this is sorted out soon and the entertainment lovers must give PlayBox HD Apk a try.

PlayBox HD App Download Latest 2018 | PlayBox HD Apk For Android
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Terrarium TV App Download For Android iOS & PC 2018 – V1.9.2

It is no wonder that there are lots of TV Shows streaming application available on the internet today. Terrarium TV App is the best replacement for TV to regular the regular series of TV or movies. Supports both online video streaming and you can also watch Movies in offline mode. This app is very simple and easy to watch the video contents of your favorite movies. Never miss out single episodes or any new released Shows and Movies on the internet. Terrarium TV is supported by several Android devices and is free to use. The file size of the application is less than 40 MB and comes with the ton of features added to it. Terrarium TV App is packed up with tons of features and primarily developed for Android phone users. Know more about the Terrarium application by reading until the end.

Terrarium TV App Download For Android iOS & PC: V1.9.2

Terrarium TV App Download

Terrarium TV App is an excellent online video watching app that permits you to Watch any Movies and TV Shows. It gives you the access to unlimited stream videos and into full HD and other video qualities. That also means there is no limitation set to watch videos on Terrarium. Download any of your favorite videos using this app on your selected device. And you can watch them offline at any moment you want.

Speaking of an interface of Terrarium, it is well-designed and beautiful in its look. All the stream video categories are maintained very well. And the video library of the TV Show and Movies is always updated with the latest videos. Browse your favorite video and watch them either online or offline and that entirely up to your choice.

Start watching your most favorite shows at high internet speed. Choose video qualities from 360p, 480p, 720p to 1080p. Subtitles are included in each video you choose to stream online in Terrarium TV. Learn the steps to download and install APK file on your device. Since this application is not available to download on play store due to some reason, it is not added to the Store.

Download and Install Terrarium TV:

Terrarium TV App Download

To install Terrarium TV app on your Android device, you will have to download APK file. Here we will explain to you the steps to download and install Terrarium TV APK file. Follow the instructions as given below in step-wise.

Note: Before we get started, it is compulsory to change the security settings on your Android phone. Since your device will prevent the installation of third-party apps. So, you will need to make the changes in the behavior of your device.

  • First Step: At first, to download the APK file of Terrarium TV.
  • Second Step: After you finish the download the file on your selected Android device.
  • Third Step: Just before you continue to install the Apk, go to the <settings> <device administration settings>allow installation of unknown sources.
  • Fourth Step: Now go back to the download folder. And tap on the Terrarium TV APK file chose the install button.

Wait for a moment as the Installation process may take some minutes to complete. And then shortly you will be soon notified accordingly on your phone screen.

Important Features of Terrarium TV:

Terrarium TV App Download

Speaking of the features of the Terrarium TV App it is packed with tons. Here we have listed out the important features of the video streaming app.

  • The video library of Terrarium TV is uploaded with over 504k movies
  • It is free, and there is no such thing as a limitation to use it.
  • You will receive a notification when there are any update episodes added to TV Shows and Movies.
  • It does come with the genre category selection and then native Chromecast support as well.
  • Support multiple numbers of languages and movies or TV Shows subtitles are also added.
  • Terrarium TV also comes with a support for Android TV, Fire TV, TV Box and Fire Stick too.
  • Provides you the access to the fast servers such as Full HD, especially Google Drive.
  • Watch unlimited TV Shows and movies either in online or offline mode.
  • Terrarium also comes with the support of Real-Debrid and
  • Mark the most watched or your favorite videos be it the movie or TV Series.

So, these are the tons of features that the streaming app has to offer to its users.

Since now you know everything about the app from the features to the installation procedure. So, what are you waiting for you better Download Terrarium TV App today? To start enjoying the complete features of the TV Shows and movie streaming app on your device. Watch each video for high quality, and it is free from any subscriptions, no charges are included for using the services. Terrarium App is not officially announced and is available to download from Google Play Store.

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