Best Apps Like ShowBox Alternatives for Android iOS PC & Laptops 2017

ShowBox Alternatives: Undoubtedly, ShowBox is the leading video streaming application. But sometimes the server of ShowBox may get down due to excessive use of the application. In such situation, you may receive an error like ShowBox not Working or ShowBox has Stopped. So, for such situation is always better to have the best ShowBox Alternative downloaded on your device to continue with your streaming.

4 Best Apps Like ShowBox Alternatives for Android & iOS Devices


ShowBox is the popular video streaming application with myriads of features that enhance the overall streaming experience of the users. However, like all other applications, ShowBox app also has few downsides and this is the reason why many users often keep backup plan ready to continue with their streaming experience. At times, ShowBox server may remain down due to excessive usages and in such situation, you need to wait till the server resumes. But, you are no longer required to wait as there are myriads of alternatives available. Download ShowBox Alternative on your device for the time when the application is down. Below are few best alternatives which are worth downloading on your device to keep enjoying your video streaming experience.

Best ShowBox Alternative for Android and iOS

Although their internet is flooded with myriads of alternatives to ShowBox, not all are equally designed and hence it is necessary to download the best Apps Like ShowBox Alternatives which can allow you to stream videos and movies in HD quality for free. Below are some of the alternatives which are available across multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

CinemaBox for Android and iOS


If you want to enjoy the same features and quality of video streaming like ShowBox, then CinermaBox would be the best ShowBox Alternative for you. The application is available for free downloading from the internet and it comes with excellent features that allow streaming movies and videos both online and offline. The application supports multiple platforms including iOS and Android and also supports other apps and devices like Chrome Cast. The application has kid’s mode feature and allows the users to play subtitles along the movies that are streaming and when required.

MegaBox HD for Android


Available only for Android devices, the MegaBox HD is the application which is a perfect alternative to ShowBox streaming. The best part of this application is that it is very small and consumes very small space of your phone’s memory, thus making it the most convenient app to be downloaded on your Android device. The application allows streaming movies at 360 to 720p depending upon your choice and all the movies and videos are listed based on its genre.

Newest Movie HD for Android


This is another application that allows streaming of movies on your Android device. This is the excellent ShowBox Alternative as it allows you to stream movies online without the need of subscriptions. This application, not just only helps Android users to stream movies online, but it allows you to download the movies right on your device which you can stream later offline. The application offers the ratings of the movies by IMDP so choose the movies you want to stream wisely and it provides you with varied quality options in which you can stream the movies.

Hubi for iOS and Android


The best part of the Android phone is that most of the apps which work on iOS are also compatible with Android devices and Hubi video streaming application is one such application. Apart from streaming movies and videos online, Hubi App allows you to stream the TV channels and download any videos present in the weed to be streamed later in offline mode. So, download this best ShowBox Alternative to enjoy its benefits and features for free.

Showbox Not Working: Fix Showbox App Connection Captche Error [July 2017]

Showbox not Working is the major problem that most of the users are facing today while using the application. Recently, lots of updates were launched for this application and the updates started showing problems. But, there are fixes available that are mentioned below.

For all entertainment geeks, Showbox is the most crucial and must have application as it allows them to stream videos, favorite movies, TV shows in HD quality on their Android devices for free. It is the most downloaded and top rated application Play Store. Now PC users can also use this application on their PC with the help of Android Emulator. Lots of updates for this application keep on popping up and users are required to upgrade their application to avail the extra features that come with the updates.

Showbox Not Working: Fix Showbox Connection Error in Few Steps


However, the only drawback associated with the application is that users may experience some kind of errors while using the application. Showbox not Working is the common error which most of the users encounter while using the application. The error will hamper your streaming experience and you will not be able to stream the videos due to this error. However, there are fixes available that are mentioned below in this post.

Showbox not Working: Fixing Showbox App Connection Error

The problem like “Showbox not Working” came into limelight when the recent update of Showbox App was launched. The older version of the application was stable and the older version has many features which enhance your overall streaming experience. The older version of Showbox can be used almost on all the platforms like PC, tablets, Android etc. But, recently after the update, any new problem occurred and it has ruined the streaming experience of the users. Some of the problems and the fixes are as below:

Problem One – Server Not Available or Update not Working!

All applications available over the internet are either free or premium one and they must be updated regularly. Updating the applications will enrich their features and add new files to the application for enhanced experience. Since Showbox is not available for download on Play Store, you are required to check regularly for the available updates online and ensure that they are genuine and workable. If you download the wrong updates from the internet the problem may occur which will ruin your streaming experience.

The problem like “Update not Working” or “Server not Available” are the types of errors which you may experience if you download the application with wrong and pirated updates. So, it is very essential for you to check that the updates are genuine in order to avoid such issues with Showbox App.


Problem Two – Showbox Not Working or Showbox has Stopped

This is the most common error where you see “Showbox not Working” or “Showbox has Stopped” error on the screen of the device. But, this issue can be solved easily without any hassles. You are required to follow few simple steps to resolve this error on your Showbox App. Follow the steps below to solve the error.

  • Close your Wi-Fi on your mobile device
  • Now go to the settings of your device
  • From the settings to the App Manager
  • Choose the Showbox option available there and press on the clear data and clear cache button available there
  • Now try to connect the device once again with the Wi-Fi and launch the Showbox App again on your device
  • Now it will work properly without any dialog box like Showbox not Working.


These were some of the steps which you need to follow to solve the error Showbox not Working

MovieBox APK Download for Android | MovieBox App PC iOS [9/9.3/10]

MovieBox APK Download: Download MovieBox APK for your Android devices. This app is compatible with all your devices. This is a lightweight app that does not consume much of device storage space. It offers free movies and TV shows to stream online without any hassle. As the app is offering free services, it also violates some Google policies as well as copyright policy. But, users don’t need to face any inconvenience with the usage of the app. Hence, any user may download the MovieBox APK file from a third-party trusted source rather than Google Play Store.

MovieBox APK Download Guide | MovieBox App for Android PC iOS


MovieBox Apk Download – Good thing about MovieBox app is that it is available for iOS devices as well. So, irrespective of what device you are using, you can always have a fun with the MovieBox services and its awesome features.

MovieBox APK:

The MovieBox is a free video streaming app available for both Android and iOS devices. This article is focused on Android users particularly. So, we are discussing how the app is beneficial for the Android users who are looking for the free video streaming on their device.

Smartphone devices are handy to carry. But, the device does not possess enough storage for downloading and saving large media files as such movies and videos. However, due to its handy nature, we can take the device wherever we go and enjoy our desired videos even offline or without electricity which is not possible on TV or other devices (Laptop is exceptional but power backup is not acceptable here too).

Therefore, streaming movies or TV shows on a mobile device turned to be the best option left for us. Because it does not need much of free storage space on the device, neither it needs any time consuming downloading procedure. Through online video streaming apps like MovieBox, we can watch our favorite TV episode or movies of any genre anytime and anywhere.

And the best part, we don’t’ even need to pay for monthly service with the MovieBox. No subscription required. Everything is free to play on the go. Thus, we can say bye to Theatres as well. We can enjoy our desired show or movie from our comfort zone. There are other premium platforms available for online video streaming. But, when apps like MovieBox is giving free away, why would we consider paying for the same?

There are some awesome features of MovieBox app that you should be aware of if you are not familiar with the app.

MovieBox Android App Features:

As long as home entertainment is concerned, movies and TV shows are one of the most enjoyable stuff we know. With the MovieBox app installed on your Smartphone or Tab, the fun can go out of the halls as well. We can have the same fun even while traveling. All we need is a stable internet connection. Now, check out what are we getting from MovieBox APK installation.

  • No sign up is required.
  • Stream movies of all popular genres and TV shows for free of cost.
  • The movies can also be downloaded for free if you wish so.
  • The movies available in the app are provided in HD quality.
  • Before streaming a particular movie, you may check the ratings and user comments.
  • You may leave your own review and comments on the videos.
  • The app provides subtitles of multiple major languages to choose from when playing videos or movies.
  • The contents are updated with new contents on a regular basis.
  • The video quality is available at various resolutions to suit your requirements.

All these features are much more than we can expect from a free service. So why wait any longer? Proceed to download section of MovieBox APK for Android.

How to Download/Install MovieBox Apk for Android


As you now know that MovieBox app Download is not available in the Play Store, you need to make your device unknown-files-friendly.

  • Locate and tap on the device “Settings” icon from app drawer of your device.
  • Navigate to the “Security” option.
  • Finally, tap to enable the “Unknown source” option.

This will enable your Android device to accept any type of execution or APK files from unknown sources or third-party app stores. Once the device is ready, follow the below instructions to download and install MovieBox APK.

Step 1: Firstly, tap or click the below shared downloading link fro MovieBox app.

Step 2: Once the APK is downloaded, tap to open it.

Step 3: Now tap on “Install” button to proceed.

The installation process of MovieBox APK will take a couple of minutes or less depends on your device performance. Once it is done, you are good to go. You may now locate the MovieBox app icon on your device app drawer and launch to enjoy the facilities it serves.