Showbox App CLOSED! “No Internet Connection Error” Reporting by Users World wide

As we all know  MovieBox and Showbox are two very popular names when it comes to free media streaming applications. Available for iOS and Android respectively, these apps let users watch their favorite movies and TV shows right from within the app. Cool, isn’t it? Except that they may no longer be available to use.

We know that Moviebox has been SHUTDOWN few days back. What’s coming to light now is that Showbox is also down for nearly a day, triggering speculations that the Android app is also going the same route as its iOS counterpart.

Why Showbox has Suddenly Closed?

Showbox App showing an error  “No Internet Connection”  from November 29. Many Authors from Big sites like,  Author Andrew from Showbox.Fun , Tech Vlogs  Free tech, Techempty reporting that showbox app has been closed permanently,  The app APK, which was available only through the Showbox website, offered users a free Netflix-like experience to watch movies and TV shows. The app did not show ads during video streaming, no account was necessary and high definition content was available to download without any limit. The app was available for both Android and for PC.

When Showbox has Reopened:

And if this is happening with then there is no need to be panic because while accessing data from the server over the internet these kinds of problems become normal. I am sure you are suffering from some of the errors mentioned above and that’s why you are reading this article.

Showbox App Closed Twittes

— showbox app (@showbox15) July 5, 2017



How to Use Showbox v5.22:

Thanks to the technological advancements that have changed the entire entertainment pattern. We live in a generation in which people want to have things they desire instantly. They don’t have the required patience to wait for a regular procedure. This is the same case with entertainment as well. People are more inclined to watch every latest movie or games or the latest TV shows or games, etc. We all want the convenience of accessing all our favorite content from a single platform only.

But in reality, if you wish to watch online streaming videos you will be required to log in various apps. You will be asked to log in and open new accounts on every app. This can prove to be costly for you.

So we in this article will give a solution to this problem of yours. There is an app called Showbox v5.22 which has all the old and latest content in it. You can subscribe to this app and enjoy uninterrupted movies at the comforts of your home. You can easily all the content at a single place easily without any hassle.

Features of Showbox v5.22:

As mentioned above, Showbox is a one-stop app for all the old and latest entertainment content. Let’s have a look at its features:

  • You can find all the latest movies and TV shows on Showbox v5.22 organized in properly under various sections
  • With the search options feature, you can easily search for your preferred movie or TV show. This option is easy to find on the page
  • There are two options available on Showbox v5.22. These are either to stream the content instantly or download it for further viewing. If your internet connection is slow then you have the option to download the content and can watch later on
  • You can also choose from the various video quality options available in the app. Video quality ranges are available from 360p to the high quality of 1080p
  • You can easily sort and filter the movies and TV shows with the help of various criteria like IMDB ratings, release years or the popularity criteria.

The process to download Showbox v5.22

Though it is beneficial to download and use Showbox v5.22 to get the regular entertainment dosage. Let’s take an understanding to the download process for Showbox v5.22 on your mobile devices

  • The first step consists of opening the official page of Showbox v5.22 
  • You will find an option for Download Showbox v5.22 
  • You need to click that option
  • In the second step, you will be given the option to save the file in your mobile phone
  • In the next step, you will be required to open the file to in order to start the installation process
  • Once the installation process is completed, you will be navigated to the home page.

Online Streaming has gained importance lately amongst the youth generation of the country. There has been a drastic change in the technology of displaying movies, TV shows and Games and the medium used for watching movies.

Showbox App CLOSED! “No Internet Connection Error” Reporting by Users World wide
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